Understory Wellness
Illustrations | Brand Creation | Website Development

Understory Wellness

Understory is on a mission to build a new wellness brand that will usher consumers into the future of integrated health, as we see it. Understory’s commitment isn’t just to sell memberships to a wellness space; It’s to create a new definition of wellness that links the elements of physical, mental, and social wellbeing under one canopy.

Wellness is a Journey

From the design point of view, the goal was to illustrate a new narrative of wellbeing. I was employed to create a website focused on the ever-changing nature of personal health. The website evolved into a visual storybook and provided information about the history of wellness, mental health, new ideas concerning health and Understory's bold mission in the wellness space.

Health wasn't about sweating or eating kale, it was about nourishing our minds and relationships too. This wasn’t a journey to go at alone. People experience challenges within themselves and the process of self growth is chaotic and abstract.

Understory identified major flaws within the wellness industry as being unapproachable, too shiny. There were photos of “perfect or idealistic” models that flaunted the idea of wellbeing and zen; but Understory vows to be different.

Designing for Being Human

I felt strongly about the project and resonated with the mission to renegotiate the world's perspective on wellness. I interacted in extensive conversations about how to communicate the brand values in an authentic and natural way. Together, we developed a brand identity that included a mushroom, the trinity of wellbeing (hitting on the mind, body and social aspects of wellness) and the hidden negative space door - to represent the physical space of Understory.

The deliverables were designs and illustrations that would create a memorable impression of Understory, a website and presentation deck for investment opportunity.

  • A brand style guide for the company to share with employees and designers
  • A responsive website that portrays the company online, generates attention for release and positions the brand with other industry leaders.
  • Unique and creative storybook home page that inspires users to learn more about wellness