Nurish Brands
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Nurish Brands

Real. Food. Fresh.

The new identity for nurish Brands is designed to feel natural, authentically fresh and welcoming. The organic look of nurish reflects the core principles of the brand dedicated to the highest farming and animal welfare standards, innovation in all areas of the industry, education on food sources, preparation, and benefits in efforts to change the way people think about food, and be an active participant and platform for meaningful support in the communities they serve.

Another challenge was addressing the complexity of a vast portfolio of over 7 concepts across different cuisine categories ranging from no-msg Chinese takeout to infinite-possibility lasagna; many of which needed clear tiering, differentiation and ‘reasons to eat’ that would make the brands easy to shop and assist customer choice.

“Early in 2020, we brought a big project to Cam, to fully develop seven (7) new brands from name/idea all the way to a launch-able international collection of companies, at the same time! Cam, not only didn’t flinch, he jumped in fully and brought us some of the best identities and assets we have ever seen! We simply could not have created the same company without his immense contribution.” - Troy Hooper, Founder & CEO nurish Brands

Logo + Identity Systems

Cam worked closely with Troy and Val at Nurish to refine the brand personality and nurture to life whilst rationalizing the whole portfolio, hierarchy of communication, defining the positioning and personality of each concept.

The result is a clear, fresh and emotionally engaging portfolio that conveys each brand and tells the product story with warmth and personality. The company is proudly organic and with using the best seasonal ingredients from sustainable regional farms, ranches, Cam made sure to select color palettes that add value and taste appeal.

The new graphic architecture is versatile and easy to adapt to new and fast-growing categories and evolving trends of digital applications and container kitchen concepts.

“Cam has become an invaluable strategic partner for our businesses. From initially redoing our poor logos and assets to fully conceptualizing multiple brand images we are incredibly proud of. He is beyond the creative genius for us, he also understands that a brand goes beyond art. He listens and contributes thoughtfully to our decision making at all stages.” - Troy Hooper, Founder & CEO nurish Brands