Brand Development | Label Design | Creative Direction


JusiJusi is an emerging cold-pressed juice and wellness brand nestled in sunny Southern California. Jusi Jusi is committed to sourcing ethically grown, local, 100% organic produce from select farmers & markets. This approach ensures all Jusi Jusi products are made from organic ingredients, just as nature intended.

Juice With Purpose

The design language of JusiJusi is crafted to be fun, colorful, playful, fresh and revitalizing. The colors applied to the package design were directly sourced from the raw colors of the cold-pressed juices. I felt this was a unique way to symbolize the ingredients within each bottle and connect each label with the flavor for quick choice making off the shelves.

JusiJusi wanted to shake up the juice market with an all white label, instead of a clear label. To me, that didn't only mean literally a white label, but instead a clean, minimal and intentional package design. Everything on the label had it's own place and there wasn't much "fluff" to it.

The goal in mind was to design a label and brand to showcase transparency, build trust and help people feel good. Simple as that. Jusi Jusi's mission, as it's written on every bottle, is to empower people to take positive action towards their own health. Jusi Jusi intentionally crafts each bottle with 100% natural ingredients to promote a nutrient-rich diet and provide fuel to help sustain a lifetime of wellness. Enjoy natural and organic juice, just as nature intended.

Bottled Fresh and Packed With Love

The website was built using Shopify, which granted JusiJusi the ability to sell products, track inventory sales and manage marketing efforts. Shopify made it easy for JusiJusi to scale online.

This has been an on-going project and I currently work as the creative director for the brand. I oversee all product marketing, labels production and facilitate brand deals. In the opening scope of the project it included:

  • 7 Juice Labels, 3 Wellness Shots and 6 Smoothe labels
  • A logo and brand identity for the brand, that could scale to food offerings down the road
  • Responsive commerce website to advertise and sell juice
  • Stationery materials such as business cards and marketing flyers for events